About Moi?

Why Velvet Bocephus? It is literally one of my greatest regrets in life. My hubs and I were on our way to the beach. We passed a yard sale and saw Hank Jr. himself painted in velvet. So eager to begin our vacation, we ditched the chance at owning the most magnificent piece of artwork either of us has ever seen.  Sure I’ve searched for it on Ebay. I’ve come across the vast Velvet Jesus collections, but there was something truly captivating about ol’ Bocephus. For a while, we used it as our trivia name. We retired it when “The Walking Dead” came to our town and we couldn’t pass up the chance of combining the show title with “Dead Poet’s Society.” So, Bocephus gets a new shot at life in a blog.

Oh, more about me? I am a rambler, obviously. I am an over-thinker. I am also a mom who frequently self-deprecates (not with an “f”). I have a sense of righteousness that I try to mold into a more Godly fashion rather than self-styled. I have a sense of justice that I have to put on a leash frequently. I have deep regrets. I’m talking deep y’all. So, I also prefer anonymity, because I don’t want to hold back on anything I say here.

Mostly, I think I’m more interested in your comments because I love ideas. I love the human perspective. I think I could’ve been a contender in many things in life had I not had certain things happen to me as a teenager which led me to a nearly paralyzing social anxiety. I’m sure those topics will be discussed in time. I feel like I’m an extrovert trapped in an introverts body. Maybe I should’ve had therapy years ago, but I’m pretty content with my life. I don’t need to be a world renowned architect when I get to stay home every day with my freakin awesome kids. Granted, I am here because my kids can’t discuss Hayek vs Keynes yet. Maybe someone out there can.


3 thoughts on “About Moi?

  1. Just finished reading your excellent piece on
    why adoption isn’t biblical. The piece was
    attributed to another woman until it was
    realized her child wasn’t old enough because
    you had surrendered 17 yrs prior.
    As a BIRTHMOTHER & adoptive mother,
    I have to say your piece presented adoption
    in a non biased & rational way.
    Thank you

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  2. As an adopted person (infancy– in the Baby Scoop era) who has had a marvelous life, I read your piece with interest. I am eternally grateful for the love of my adoptive parents, however I have always wanted to tell my mom and dad that they made a great choice, because I’ve imagined the type if snguush you describe.

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