Domestic Supply of Infants for Adoption: A Birth Mom’s Perspective

At this point, you’ve probably been living under a rock (I envy you) if you haven’t heard about the Supreme Court’s Dobbs vs. JWHO leaked opinion. One particular reference has ignited concern among many. A 2008 CDC report is referenced by Alito, stating “[N]early 1 million women were seeking to adopt children in 2002 (i.e., they were in demand for a child), whereas the domestic supply of infants relinquished at birth or within the first month of life and available to be adopted had become virtually nonexistent.” 

The fact-checkers have assured us that Alito’s reference only outlines “modern developments.” It is purely innocent.

As a birth mom of 23 years, I’m telling you right here and now- pull on that thread.

I will try to spare too much commentary as to not bore or polarize. BUT Supreme Court judges referencing a 2008 report about the “supply and demand of infants” in addition to foundling wheels (safe haven boxes) in relation to a bodily autonomy case is reason for concern.

Where we are today is no accident. The fact that supply and demand of infants as well as safe haven boxes are being used in arguments is no accident. I would argue that these references are calculated and not innocent by any means.

Yes, I am saying the Post-Roe plan is Adoption. Whether or not you believe abortion to be a Federal or States’ Rights issue, that is not my argument. My argument is that Adoption is the preferred outcome for the potentially tens-of-thousands of babies that will be born within the next year and beyond. There are 20 or so states that will restrict abortion access from conception through 6 weeks. That will inevitably lead to an increase in births for those states. Many of those states, like Texas, have spent years defunding and dismantling their safety nets. Safety nets that would certainly assist a wave of new parents.

The 50-year plan has been to overturn Roe. Wouldn’t an honest agent realize that this would inevitably lead to more need for parenting support? Wouldn’t an honest agent diligently work on creating a parenting support system in preparation for such a world? Rest assured, The Family Research Council, who has been at the helm of prolife policy for 30 years, has a plan. Pregnancy Resource Centers and Churches are going to bear the brunt of post-Roe parenting support. Wow, assistance with rent, utilities, childcare, transportation, maternity leave, and healthcare coverage is a mighty large task. I’ve served on the board of a Pregnancy Resource Center. We were great with supplying diapers and baby clothes; big-ticket items would have crushed us. Also, as some Christian influencers have noted (see post image), the Church appears motivated to create an adoption movement, not a parenting movement. Quite honestly, this plan leaves me terrified. A lot of women are going to feel cornered into making adoption decisions that they would not make under different circumstances. Adoption is not a panacea. In fact, it is a lifetime commitment to grief (feel free to peruse my blog on the subject…also Welcome to my blog). Separation/Adoption can be a traumatic experience that requires mental health services that are unavailable and unaffordable for most.

“Texas Republicans say if Roe falls, they’ll focus on adoptions and preventing women from seeking abortions elsewhere”- The Texas Tribune 5/9/22

In Texas, prolife representatives are now saying it is a “moral response” to step up and make sure they help out women in crisis pregnancies. This from a state that has historically defunded its welfare services and belittled welfare recipients while living in a Roe world. When they say they’re going to expand funding for both welfare and adoption services in a post-Roe world, you can bet the latter will receive most of the funding.

This is no accident. I could write a book, in fact, books have been written about the not-so-innocent trope of “domestic supply of infants.” Adoption has been weaponized before in this country (I would argue that it is still weaponized today). It wasn’t that long ago, that Newt Gingrich planned for unmarried, pregnant, welfare recipients to be placed in “orphanages” with the intent of adopting out their infants. These mothers would be barred for life from receiving future benefits. This was in 1996. I was one of those teenagers who was nationally targeted by the Contract with America. Newt Gingrich and his political buddies are still around and still shaping American politics. Go back another 25 years, and you’ve landed in the Baby Scoop Era. A time when pregnant women were forcibly sent to maternity and wage homes to be intentionally separated from their babies who were marked for adoption. These generations are still alive! This wasn’t in some far-away distant past.

When people tell you who they are, believe them. As a former supplier for “domestic infant demand”, I advise you to pull on that thread. They haven’t been quiet about their beliefs, associations, or future plans.

I will leave you with this; a 2000 study, “The Missing Piece”, conducted by The Family Research Council (who has advised and shaped prolife policies for 30+ years) and authored by a former executive director of Care Net Pregnancy Centers (who has access to and advises the nearly 2,000 Pregnancy Resource Centers in the US) with the sole intent to convince poor, unmarried, pregnant women to place their babies for adoption. The tactics that were used in the study were used on me a year prior to its publication. Make sure to read the follow-up study, “Birthmother, Good Mother“, conducted by The Family Research Council and The National Council for Adoption.

There is so much more that I could write, but I will leave it at: The references to “domestic supply of infants” and safe haven boxes is no innocent accident. It is calculated. As a birth mom who will eternally grieve the separation from and subsequent adoption of my firstborn, I encourage you to pull on that thread.

Study quotes:

“Adoption advocacy should not be positioned against abortion. In the psychology that drives decisions about adoption, adoption really does not compete with abortion; it is competing with the emotionally compelling alternative of parenting the child.”

“Given that women reach a decision about abortion separate from a decision about parenting, counselors should not fear that they would encourage abortion by encouraging the consideration of adoption or laying out the implications of trying to raise a child alone.”

“While women make the initial decision of life or death quickly, decisions of whether to parent the baby may take months. Therefore, a long window of opportunity is available to reach these women with messages that will motivate them to consider adoption.”

“Counselors must be trained to give women sound reasons that will counter the desire to keep their babies. One example is to reinforce the notion that it takes a strong, mature woman to place a child for adoption. Honestly addressing the issue of financial survival can be compelling as well.”

“Mothers who cannot provide for their babies are actually more caring mothers if they choose adoptive parents for their child…those women…are defeating a selfishness, an evil within themselves.”

“Adoption can be a type of redemption for a mother, by transforming personal failure into triumph.”

“Women need a way to formalize their commitment to the adoption…a sense of closure…the ritual…involves a dedication, a vow, and a release. It can symbolize for birthmothers the beginning of the stage where they are carrying babies for someone else as well as provide a sense of finality to the moment they give their babies over.”

“Counselors should be equipped to paint the mental picture of the strong, loving woman who really can decide that ‘what is best for baby’ is giving him or her a stable, loving family, while what is best for her is putting off motherhood for a while.”

“In crisis pregnancy centers…The adoption process needs to be as seamless and streamlined as possible to support the adoption decision…there will be the possibility of a strong working relationship with an existing agency or attorney.”

“Counselors will not be resisitant to training in adoption so long as a vital part of their center’s redemptive mission, as an act of grace that serves to redeem the lives of women and children from hardship and suffering. If they see God’s hand in adoption, they will regard women who choose adoption as loving mothers and themselves as faithful and competent for having presented the option.”

“The client is proving her character by relinquishing her child…Adoption can be a type of redemption for a mother…”


One thought on “Domestic Supply of Infants for Adoption: A Birth Mom’s Perspective

  1. As an adoptee I’m terrified too Velvet..
    So many babies that should BE KEPT BY THEIR MOTHERS are deemed only valuable if they are sold through adoption.
    It also turns my stomach how Christians love to point out the bible verse “what is wrong is called right and what is evil is called good” yet they refuse to see that includes adoption and how the separation of mother and child, and separating a child from their true identity is beyond wrong and evil.
    They also refuse to see the facilitators LOVE OF MONEY, which is sooo un-Christian and how it correlates with that verse as well.
    Along with just selling another human being to begin with.
    But Christians close their eyes to all of this, they turn their heads and in their judgement, selfishness and greed they ignore us, constantly, day after day, year after year.
    They ignore the pain they cause all of us, the mental trauma, the broken heart, the depression and feelings of alienation, even the numbness which many of us adoptees feel which is not healthy and hinders us in our relationships with others throughout our lives.
    They don’t give a damn.
    And clergy doesn’t care either because they just want to keep their rich infertile parishioners happy so they continue to get money.
    Sometimes, pastors and minsters (we already know the priests and nuns were) are the phoniest Christians of all..
    As I said in my last comment Christians only want us spared abortion to SELL us but I’m against abortion because no woman has a right to end the life of her baby and it looks like I was proven right with the attitude they hold concerning Roe vs Wade.
    Don’t they ever consider the fact if denied an abortion a single mother will come to her senses during the pregnancy and see she was wrong?
    That she will be loving her unborn child after a few months and want to keep her baby?
    So these cold, hard-hearted Christians think she should just have her baby ripped from her then after birth?
    That the baby should lose EVERYTHING, their family, identity and the peace that comes from NOT being adopted, ie: all the pain and mental problems they force us to have due to not knowing who our moms are and not knowing what happened (as to why we weren’t with her and then acting like it shouldn’t even matter to us which twists the knife).
    I’m going to add to that any young woman who actually thinks her baby should be sold like cattle through adoption should be screamed at and cut down because of all the hell doing so will cause her child.
    She needs to be counseled for months to see the error of her attitude and given support by her family if need be to raise her child.
    But not in conscienceless America…
    Not in conscienceless Christianity…
    It’s true the majority of Christians today, especially American Christians are fake Christians.
    They are apostates.
    They are what Christ called unwashed tombs.
    They indulge in judgment, the lack of forgiveness and the love of money.
    That is all the Christians involved in adoption care about and that is all they are.
    An infertile woman’s money is their God now and a single mom and her infant are the new sacrifice.
    Well, I hope all of this backfires in their face.
    We adoptees and forced to relinquish moms have to help young moms to keep their children,somehow.
    Provide a place for them to stay so they can keep their child and their children can keep their moms…
    Saving our Sisters is doing a good job but truth be told we need 100 more groups like them.
    There are way to many adoption agencies in this country ( and get this-most of them are owned by adopters!) and now we have LGBT to put up with also, so we are completely and totally outnumbered.
    We really need to ban together so we can fight back and that includes lawsuits imo.
    The fake Christians have no right to win again with an onslaught of more adoptions, anymore that Georgia Tann had a right to get away with the crimes she committed.
    I’ve started a new blog and I will give you the link soon.
    Let the war begin…because that is what THEY started, against our will.


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