I Was Made to be a Birth Mom

I grew up in a very religious home. We never missed a church service. I taught Sunday school. I briefly considered going into ministry work as a career. Then I got pregnant my freshman year of college. (My story is recounted here. )

Adoption had never been a big part, rather any part, of my life. I had never taken even one moment to think about it in my childhood. As far as I knew, none of my friends were adopted. If they were, it was never discussed. So when my mother mentioned that I place my daughter for adoption, my initial response was repulsion. I remember thinking that only an unloving mother would place her baby for adoption. That was not me. I very much loved my daughter, planned or not.

Repulsion would be my response throughout most of the remainder of my pregnancy. I prayed more during that time than I have ever prayed. It seemed at every turn there was something new to put me at a disadvantage; the boyfriend left, my car got totaled, I lost my job, etc. Surely God was actively forsaking me. I was not favored in His eyes.

My mom continued to push adoption. My dad taunted me on a regular basis about finding a place to live. Their threat had been that I would be homeless once the baby was born and if I decided to raise her as a single mom. Taking into account all the closed doors that were happening in my life, the outright rejection of my family, society’s hatred of single moms at the time, and my belief in “signs and wonders”; it was a perfect storm for The Evangelical Adoption Paradigm to make sense to me.

The Evangelical Adoption Paradigm is a term I have coined and I define it as: The modern Evangelical Church movement that posits that God ordains adoption. That He adopted us as His children and that Christians are in essence carrying out the Gospel message by adopting the children of strangers. More specifically newborns who have poor, single, and young mothers. Adoption can never be anything else but beautiful and an expression of the greatest love.  There is no trauma involved when separating mother and child. Any claims to trauma are due to the emotional or spiritual weaknesses of those claiming  the trauma. Their voices should be shut down immediately. In fact, God plans for adoptions to happen so there cannot be trauma. He literally plans for one mother to get pregnant, give birth, and for another family to raise the child as their own. God is an active participant in “creating” families this way. 

This was the message I began to receive from my parents, pastor, counselors presented to me by my parents, the adoption agency, adoptive families that I was sent to spend time with during my pregnancy, and my Ob/Gyn. Here I was, a teenager who had been caught and shamed because I had sex with my boyfriend. To top it off, I got pregnant and the boyfriend bailed. My parents were respected leaders in the Church. I was an honor student on scholarship. I felt there was an invincible army of adults telling me I was selfish to want to raise my daughter. And who was I? I was just another statistic in all of their eyes. I was told not to become a statistic. Statistics don’t make good mothers. Statistics are selfish for keeping their children in less than ideal situations. Statistics are single-handedly destroying the country. Statistics are the worst option even for their own children.

My daughter was born and I became a birth mom. Not the dreaded single mom statistic, but another kind of statistic that has been a much heavier burden than any mother should bear. In order to survive all of those sorrowful years without my daughter I HAD to believe that God had predestined me to be a birth mom. This was my lot in life. I was a humble vessel and my daughter was going to do amazing things for the Church. I lived by Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

I struggled for years. I married someone who treated me the way I believed I should be treated. Then I became a divorcee to boot. I was a hot mess. I drank myself into blackouts more than I could even guesstimate. I even pulled out a revolver one night looking at it in one hand while holding my daughter’s picture in the other. Wondering what story she would be told when she found a grave. Would she even care?

I decided I was the problem. Something was innately wrong with me for not accepting my place as a happy birth mom. In every corner of society, especially Church society, adoption was beautiful, a miracle, the Gospel message in action. Obviously, it was my selfish, sinful nature that was incensed by my daughter’s fairytale adopted life without me. I decided I would study scripture daily. I would be the best Christian I could be. My faith would be strengthened and then I would finally be at a place where I could accept my fate as a birth mom and be proud of it.

For nearly 10 years, I studied scripture daily. I never missed a service. I was involved in small groups, ministries, charities, etc. My faith was stronger than it had ever been. I still battled with my birth mom title, but surely my acceptance of it was on the way. Just a few more years of study and my pride would be broken. Eventually, I would say that I was that brave and selfless birth mom and actually mean it.

Then the bottom fell out.

Enter Paradigm Shift.

My daughter. The one who this was all for. Things began to not add up. I kept having to come up with new ways to make them add up because this whole affair had been predestined by God. Surely, He didn’t make a mistake. The adoptive family that I was told were Christians- my daughter had never been to Church before. Not even once. I began to find out some struggles. Struggles of which I will never tell because they aren’t my story to tell. But all of these new turn of events made me question something I already struggled to believe for almost 2 decades. I spoke to my parents about these new revelations and I was met with “she’s trying to manipulate you.” I was being told that my daughter, with her own adoption struggles, was just trying to manipulate me. Huh?

I began to study scriptures around motherhood, fertility, family, creation, etc. I started this blog to track my journey.

I blogged about scriptures as I studied:

Why Newborn Adoption Isn’t Biblical

God and Infertility

Is Adoption a Christian Institution?

Open Adoption and Playing God

I discovered schemes within the pro-life movement that I had fallen prey to:

If I Weren’t a Christian, I Would Have My Baby

Pro-Life? Take the Adoption Industry to Task

I looked outside of my small adoption world and at the adoption world at large:

America, You Have An Adoption Problem

Kansas and the Gospel of Adoption

Of Deadbeat Dads and BRAVELOVE Moms

Letting Go and Moving On: A Birth Mom Myth

My conclusion after these 3 years of studying and blogging about it?

God did not plan any of this.
This was not God’s design for my family. For any family.

And there is not ONE scripture to prove otherwise.

My daughter and I have had a reunion in our “open” adoption in recent months. It is going better than I could have ever imagined. It is something that I most likely will never blog about. For some reason, I am very private and protective about the specifics of our relationship. I can’t imagine why?

But our reunion comes with both of our struggles and baggage in this thing called Adoption. We have sworn to never be separated again. I have prostrated myself to her, begged forgiveness, and promised to do all that I can to meet her needs from this time forward. I think we could eventually bridge that deep gulf between us, but it will come with continued grief, regrets, and pain from our years apart. The bridge will be a patchwork of blood, sweat, and tears.

My faith is not what it used to be. I have stepped away to contemplate my worldview.

Perhaps, God is an active participant in our reunion. I no longer feel comfortable claiming any actions of God.

What I do know, is that there is no scripture in the Bible that condones The Evangelical Adoption Paradigm. You could probably say Job 24:9 shuts it down completely, “The fatherless child is snatched from the breast; the infant of the poor is seized for a debt.” Turns out, its just people in positions of power within the Church throwing crap at the wall to see what will stick. Unfortunately, it seems to stick best to those who need it the least; struggling moms and their unborn babies.

So Dear Church, if I was made to be a birth mom, it was by man, and man alone. Not God. 





5 thoughts on “I Was Made to be a Birth Mom

  1. Interesting conclusion you came up with . I like that you searched, pondered, and sought out answers. I like that you are a make a mends kind of birth mom. My birth mom struggled all her adult life with the decision of giving me away for adoption. She drank herself silly, thus ultimately causing her kidneys to fail and thus leading to her death eventually. She never forgave herself, she never mended the bridges, SHE built. She never ever could fully rest. It is comforting to read that you are in the process of claiming the relationship, I believe God, started. He could of at any time, allowed harm to come to your fetus, or anytime for that matter. I believe does not make mistakes and you and your baby are testimont to that. Just my belief. Bravo again!


  2. Hi Velvet 🙂

    I know that’s not your real name but it’s a beautiful nickname.

    I’m glad to be reading of your journey. I am a Believer in Australia, my son who was lost via forced adoption is now 30 (no reunion, closed adoption), and I relate with so many aspects of what you describe in your faith journey. There’s been a number of times I’ve almost walked away from God, and would have if there was a better alternative. If not Jesus, then who, or what? So I’ve hung on.

    I am glad to see that the truth is coming through to you, that the “Christian” brainwashing is being undone via your search, so eloquently expressed in your blog. We have been born into times where the Church is largely apostate – Jesus said that would happen. God didn’t do this to you or to me – took me years to believe that. He will leverage good from it, but He didn’t create the situation – sin, the world and the devil did that. Wolves in sheep’s clothing did it. Somehow, it’s easier to recognise them now.

    I too have felt uncomfortable in claiming any actions of God. After years of asking Him what’s what, & who’s responsible for what, and trying to understand free will and His sovereign will (both what He prefers & what He permits), and sorting out what’s twisted theology & what God really means, I’m come to the following conclusion: God respects mankind’s free will & rarely “interferes”. What He does do is empower us to live here via His Holy Spirit in us. Walter Martin has a great lecture on Youtube about why there’s evil in the world – helped me a lot.

    My viewpoint is now this: when I step back and get the big picture of the church and it’s history (esp as outlined in Rev 2 & 3), I can see that we’ve been born into times when the church is mostly apostate, and we’ve fallen victim to that. That’s not God’s doing – that’s man’s as you said in your final sentence. Mankind “baptising” their own desires with the Bible and God, and getting away with it. I cannot attend church groups or anywhere groups of Christians gather – too triggering. I interact with Believers one on one, those who know God truly, and His word. Severe trauma, depression, grief – they all plague me still. I don’t know if that’ll ever be gone. But I do know that as I stick with God, He answers me, and is one of my reasons for not committing suicide just to get some relief from the pain.

    It hurts deeply & angers me that the majority of the “church” continues this apostasy, ignoring us & our children’s pain and brokenness. But then, what do I expect? That’s what apostates do. I don’t hate them, but never again will I be deceived by them, nor fall for their tricks – discernment is crystal clear now.

    Anyway, I’m going on. Thank you for sharing your journey. God bless you and your daughter as you negotiate your relationship. Having her in your life is such a blessing, one I yearn for with my son but may never happen. God bless you both.

    Laurie (the female type)


    1. I’m so sorry. I asked about your reunion on the other post before I read this. My apologies.

      I am currently on the fence with my belief. Something I never imagined I could or would be. But here I am. Thanks adoption. The gift that keeps giving.

      My daughter and I have been in a full reunion for a year now. It’s similar to the feeling I had with my next child. I was so scared of SIDS (add to the many irrational fears after losing a child) i would just sit and watch him sleep. It’s kind of that feeling 24 hours a day. Just always the fear that she will end things and I will lose her a second time. I’m sure my cortisol levels are extreme. I’ve told my husband that no matter what the immediate cause, adoption will be my true cause of death.

      Thank you for reading and especially validating my words. I went so long without it, I began to believe I was alone in the world.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. There’s no hate like Christian love…and on that note I have one other thing to say.
    First of all as wrong as adoption is (and it IS not only wrong it isn’t even needed-Kinship and Guardianship is the only healthy answer for children whose parents can’t parent temporarily or long term) but as far as I am concerned SO IS ABORTION.
    And I am very, very troubled at all the so called adoptees and “birthmothers” all over the internet who support it.
    To the point that I don’t even think they are who they say they are anymore.
    I mean how could any adoptee support the hate crime committed against us that abortion is? None of us despite the pain adoption causes us is really going to support ourselves being murdered.
    And secondly why would we support that discrimination either when we fight it so hard every day trying to open adoption records, and fight off the “bastard” bashers” and those who think we are truly here only to serve some poor damn infertile woman..
    I will say the same to the “birthmothers” who speak out against adoption but then promote abortion.
    They cry me a river of how horrible separating a mother and child is for the baby too, but they think it is fine for the baby to ripped apart during an abortion?
    Something isn’t right here. Something very fishy is going on and I am pretty sure I know what it is.
    The pro-choice liberals are pretending they are adoptees and “birthmothers” and using REAL adoptees like me and REAL mothers forced to relinquish who never would of considered an abortion to push their dark agenda.
    What turns my stomach the most however is that some of these “birthmothers” and adoptees are the big names and quite well established in the online and offline adoption community.
    And THEY are nothing but fodder for the pro-adoption, pro-closed record horrible Christians out there who think they never have to change all that is wrong with adoption (or replace it with Guardianship) because it is still better than abortion (and I digress of course, because two wrongs will never make a right).
    THEY are partly responsible for allowing the Christians, and all others who adopt to totally ignore all the emotional pain and problems adoption causes us and all the immoral behavior, like out right stealing of women’s babies, the babies identities from them and the multitude of lies involved. Because now they have a one size fits all excuse.
    I’m am SO sick of both sides.
    Both sides are selfish, both sides abuse we adoptees (or illegitimate children as we are considered, although I will say NO ONE is illegitimate, all people are legitimate and matter as much as everyone else) and both sides discriminate against us.
    I’m done with the pro-abortion trolls as much as I am with the Catholics.
    The Catholics who in reality hate our guts so much (yes I have read the uncouth things they say about bastards like me) that I truly believe because of their disgusting un-Christian words and attitudes if they didn’t make so much money selling us through adoption they wouldn’t care if we were aborted at all.
    So they are hypocrites to boot.
    No one has a right to take a child’s life and no one has a right to destroy another family either.
    Both the left and the right should be ashamed of themselves as they both hurt children to the core.
    I have followed your blog for a long time Velvet and you know I have commented here before.
    I realize I am a rare bird at this point, hating both abortion and adoption (although I will say 20 years ago most of the adoptees online held my view but the pro-abortion phony anti-adoption trolls scared them away) but I have a right to my opinion and to express it.
    I can’t imagine either that you would support abortion-considering how much you love the daughter you lost to adoption and the miscarriage you suffered, I think you understand how I feel. I know you never wanted to lose any of your children in any way.
    So I am hoping you will publish my comment because I think it is a very needed one as it explains in part why our fight for equality is such a hindered one as we are also stuck fighting the enemies of our enemies as well…
    And it exposes the fact that we are never going to get anywhere until the trolls in Adopto-land are told to get lost because it’s hard enough fighting the money grubbing adoption industry and unstable, self-pitying, human being buying infertiles while hearing another group of mean people on the sidelines shouting they wish we were dead..
    Especially since both groups have a legal advantage over victimized souls like me and millions of other adoptees.


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