God and Adoption: The Series

During the coming year, I hope to exclusively blog about God and Adoption. Specifically, from the perspective of a Christian worldview.

My intent is to be part of a much-needed conversation, particularly in the Church. It is certainly not to attack the sensibilities of others. I say this with infertility issues at the forefront of thought.

I am a birth mother, but I ironically struggled with secondary infertility. Perhaps, a subject that I will one day feel confident or even necessary enough to blog about. For me, infertility pales in comparison to losing my firstborn daughter to adoption. So at this time, I have no desire to speak on it.

What I do feel compelled to speak on, is that I see too often expectant mothers looking for help and/or resources. Quite often they are bombarded with “just place your baby for adoption” or “I will adopt your baby.” As if they are a tenderloin being dangled in front of ravenous wolves. I cannot believe that expectant mothers are still facing these societal pressures and responses.

As a birth mother, I am horrified at the current cavalier attitude cast on particularly poor, young, and unwed mothers in the United States. Attitudes that I had hoped finally died out with my generation of poor, young, and unwed mothers back in the 1990s. It only seems to be gearing back up with more talk of bravery, selflessness, and cat-poster language. Bringing more unsuspecting mothers and children into what is undeniably a traumatic event; their separation from one another. Infant adoption is a practice that has nearly ended in peer countries such as Australia, The United Kingdom, and Ireland. In fact, private adoption is unlawful in those countries. (See previous post: America, You Have An Adoption Problem)

Much of this troubling and cavalier language about mother and child separation comes from the religious community- specifically Christians. So, in the next year, I hope to blog about scripture and adoption. I will cover scriptures concerning infertility, motherhood, children, adoption, lineage, Rome, Jewish Traditions, and even stoning.

I will link each post to this introduction page as they are published.

I am no theologian. I am no scholar.

I completely expect pushback, though its not my aim.

My aim is conversation. My aim is to separate the wheat from the chaff. My aim is truth.

I am just a birth mother trying to make sense of it all.


Series Chapters

Part 1: God and Infertility

Part 2: Is Adoption a Christian Institution?




8 thoughts on “God and Adoption: The Series

  1. I find it so interesting that adoption seems to be a Pure Christian response. The Torah does not support it. G-d will place the child in your womb as only He sees fit. The “ adoption thru Christ” fits the narrative. None of us are Owed anything. His time and will, not ours.


      1. Yes! He was one of the first voices I came across when first researching. He has an underappreciated voice in Adoptionland.


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