Because my mind won’t shut off…

I’m a bit of an insomniac. As I write, it is the afternoon, but I’m certain I’ll still be awake in 12 hours. I haven’t been diagnosed. I might have a slight thyroid problem, but that will be determined when I see a specialist next month. I don’t want to discuss health as of now, but I’m certain it will be discussed in the future. In my head. Which will now be forever immortalized in blog fashion.

So, I am here because a friend of mine is doing it and I like to jump off bridges too. No. I’m here because I’m a stay at home mom who has antisocial leanings. I enjoy talking to people, just not in person. I enjoy ideas really. My brain never shuts off. I overanalyze everything. I am in love with learning. I’m not surrounded by like-minded individuals. At least I don’t feel that I am. I also like anonymity because sometimes I have non-conformist ramblings. My best friend and husband (2 different people) laugh at my interests at times, so I suppose I’m searching for others out there who too like to discuss the random idea.

I have no theme, but to record the meanderings of my restless mind. So, one day I’m sure I will discuss abortion. Its on my mind a lot. I’m sure I will discuss adoption, donor conception, all things parenting, toddlers, and I might even go crazy and discuss John Locke, Anarchy, and fractional reserve banking. I’m certain there will be Christianity intermixed. Probably in heavy doses depending on my walk.

I have a collection of probably 15 diaries. Typing seems much easier and time-saving. So I’m used to talking to myself or at least recording my thoughts. I won’t necessarily be disappointed if my blog grows cobwebs. Its more for me to navigate my own ideas. Though comments are always welcome. I’d offer to meet in person, but my social anxiety would probably forbid any such encounter. I’d love to join a book club, but for the recluse this is probably the next best thing. I nearly had a panic attack today in my daughter’s toddler art class. Whew…sounds like anxiety might be my next rambling.

Wow, that’s a lot about me. Tell me more about yourself.


4 thoughts on “Because my mind won’t shut off…

  1. Hello Velvet! A friend and I found your post on how newborn adoption is unbiblical…we’ve been wondering whether or not any/all forms of adoption are biblical. In the Christian circles in our town it seems to be the latest thing to do to show devotion to God….kind of like this year’s fashion…adopt a kid and you’ll be in style. Adoption has replaced WWJD bracelets. And the fallout is huge…I hurt for these kids. You mentioned the family preservation movement which I had never heard of…thank you for that! My friend and I have been feeling on the outs with the adoption mindset in our city…like we must be hard-hearted not to care, not to adopt ourselves. You really helped us to organize our thoughts around this issue.


    1. Sorry it’s been so long for a response. My laptop died and I hate responding by phone, but…
      I’m glad I could be of help. The Church needs to realize that Adoption is a business. A multi-billion dollar business that relies on products (children) to maintain profits. I’m certainly one for free-enterprise, but not when the commodity is actual humans.
      I know firsthand that newborn adoption is rife with corruption. I believe it’s straight from the pits of Hell. That may seem hyperbolic, but after researching the roots of modern adoption, it is anything but Godly. It is founded upon deceit (fake birth certificates/as if born to). And we are seeing it’s handiwork in the discoveries of former maternity homes like Tuam in Ireland.
      I do have concerns with International Adoption and those sounding the alarm on human trafficking need to be heard rather than dismissed. I believe most people adopting Internationally do have good intentions for the most part. I can’t say the same for those who adopt infants domestically. From experience, there are many “adoptoraptors” in DIA (domestic infant adoption). Women who are so focused on becoming a mom that an unethical adoption is no deterrent.
      But of those I’ve witnessed in IA, it seems their heart and faith are in the right place. Christians are to “take care” of the orphan. I think it would be a great time to have a societal discussion on what that means. As of now, adopting only seems to be feeding a vicious cycle of supply and demand. It is attracting the attention of those willing to kidnap and/or threaten poor families from their children; for profit. Is adopting orphans in essence creating more orphans? Something the Church needs to consider before it potentially gets a black eye for being baby brokers.


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